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Talking about the month entry will be coming soon after some breakfast, but! I felt inspired by CUTIES who were doing this, so:

live-action/drama to do-list:
- catch up to the latest Kamen Rider Drive episode
- get back to watching Kamen Rider Fourze
- Kamen Rider Decade
- Kamen Rider OOO
- Kamen Rider W
- Kamen Rider Wizard
- Find the damn Kamen Rider movies
- Super Sentai Ninninger

- Naze Todoin Seiya 16 sai wa kanojo dekinainoka? (Why does Toidoin Seiya, age 16, not have a girlfriend?)
- Find more Korean and Japanese dramas to watch.

- get back in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
- rewatch Oofuri first season
- Oofuri, season 2
- read and catch up on Haikyuu and Daiya no Ace mangas
- Catch up Daiya no Ace anime, especially season 2
- get back into Kuroko no Basket
- Samurai Flamenco
- Karneval ??
- Psycho Pass ??
- Devil Is a Part Timer

You are welcome to rec me anything that you think will hit my pings~
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Created this blog for a while, then went and forgot about it for a moment. Way to go, me.

And it's going to be friends' only. I am sorry. But I feel safer doing that.

Hi, I'm Maguro. I used to be Chibi for a while. I used to be Yuki, in the very beginning. But I settled with Maguro, finally. If you know my real name, let's say that you are lucky to even know me that well.

I like tokusatsu/action dramas like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. I like a variety of animes; they just have to hit my pings. I like a lot of video games. I live off merchandise from fandoms.

My fandoms are Kamen Rider (mostly Den-O, Gaim, Drive, and Fourze right now), Super Sentai (ToQger), Neon Genesis Evangelion, Daiya no Ace, Haikyuu, Sengoku Basara, and Fire Emblem (Mostly 7 and Tellius/Ike's games tho. Awakening was ok, I GUESS but... still love Tellius the best.)

I draw; I'm not very good at it and I know a lot of friends that draw better but I do it, anyway. I like writing drabbles/oneshots mostly. I like baking and making sweets. I'm also trying to teach myself Japanese, but that's... well. coming along. Dogs are the best creatures ever. I love dogs.

I have this guilty pleasure of listening to otome drama CDs, which tickles the voice-actor nerd in me. I'm gay as hell yet I listen to fictional pretty boys in scenarios where you're dating them.... why, self, why?

But yeah. 25, born and raised in Puerto Rico and gay as hell. A huge gay nerd is all you need to know about me. u3ub




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